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Pettersson Elektronik proudly presents the new

 M500 USB Ultrasound Microphone

High-quality full spectrum recordings at a price never seen before!


The M500 microphone is easily used with a tablet PC or laptop to record bat calls and other ultrasonic signals with the highest quality. In stock for immediate delivery!





Pettersson Elektronik is a company specialized in electronic equipment for detection and analysis of bioacoustic ultrasonic signals. With our Ultrasound Detectors, or bat detectors, you can listen to the ultrasonic calls from bats, a great aid in identifying different species. We also supply analysis software for sound analysis on personal computers. 





"First off, I'd like to thank you for making such high quality bat detectors. Recently, I placed a D500X using external battery power near a river to monitor bat foraging activity and was unable to return to the site for several days. During that time, the river unexpectedly flooded and the detector was completely submerged in muddy water for at least 2-3 days. After swimming into the river to retrieve it, I open the battery and CF card compartments and poured a significant amount of water from the detector. I then placed everything in a bag of rice for a couple days to dry out. I am not sure how it's possible but I'm pleased to tell you that the D500X not only survived with seemingly no loss in functionality, but it apparently continued to record while submerged in water! Barring hitting it with a hammer, I'm not sure a detector could be tested to a further extreme. I've also used this detector to successfully record bats in sub-freezing temperatures and multiple rain storms without issue. If any resulting issues arise in the detectors functionality I will let you know but regardless the D500X detector has far surpassed expectations. Thanks again."

– Josiah J. Nelson, Gillam Bat Lab NDSU, Fargo, ND, USA